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Enjoy an incredibly realistic looking picture in 4k with the capabilities of touch. 10 point, touch recognition allows for a fully submersible experience. Great for presentations, lobbies, home, game and office. Uses for this technology are endless.




WORKS WITH WINDOWS AND MACINTOSH. Windows 7 Ultimate\Professional\Home premium, Android (need patch in Kernel code), Windows 8\Professional\Enterprise, Windows 10. Performance will also be impacted if mentioned system which can support multi-point functions are copyrighted. Windows 8 must not be OEM version.


4K Resolution, LED backed screen with all imagery as good as a natural view, Watch 4K movies and TV shows and upscale your current HD content to gorgeous, Ultra HD-level picture quality.



Disabled Wifi 55" IR Touch Screen UHD 4k 10 point Digital Monitor Display

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  • General Information
    ⋅ Essential Contrast
    ⋅ HDR 4K UHD
    ⋅ Game Mode
    ⋅ UHD Engine ™
    ⋅ Motion Rate 120Hz
    ⋅ UHD Dimming
    ⋅ Contrast Enhancer
    ⋅ Dolby® Digital Plus
    ⋅ 20 Watt 2 Channel


    ⋅ 3 HDMI Connections
    ⋅ 2 USB Connections
    ⋅ 1 Component Video Input (Shared)
    ⋅ 1 Composite Video Input (Shared)
    ⋅ RS232 Control (Requires Adaptor)
    ⋅ Optical Audio Output Port


    ⋅ Clean Cable Solutions®
    ⋅ Bezel Color: Charcoal Black
    ⋅ Stand Color: Dark Gray
    ⋅ Slim

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